Note of 17th Feb: Nowhere To Go

Bersama Istriku terkasih. Saat tandem meliput bareng di Brastagi. (dok. Pribadi)

It was about ten o’clock, as the Sinabung bus reached Berastagi. My wife told me, we should spend more weekend time to visit another besides Medan. Just like this, a ‘nowhere to go’ trip. I agree with hers. Sudden plan will push creative ideas, I think.

So, we walked by foot into a public park. Not so far from the bus stop. “Do you know this place?” Eva asked.

“Nope. It’s my first time to come here,” I said.

“Hey. What’s wrong with you? But you are a Karonese.”

“I can’t explain it clearly for you. But, a shy guy like me prefer to stay home. Never got a chance to travel even this far.”

“Hahahahaha.” And we both laughed.

Eva then asked my opinion about our breakfast at Eropa. “They were good. Delicious just as usual.”

“Don’t you think there’s a bit difference. It has new cook, and she added more food flavoring.”

“So, where else we could find another breakfast if we visit Berastagi again?”

“Ummm. I don’t know. May be we can try the other one.”

Suddenly, I changed the topic of dialogue. “Hey, you know. I’m willing to write this trip in English.”

“Oh really. Why?”

“I got lazy to write article lately. Except the routine one for magazine.”

“Oh I see. Perhaps, you don’t find a new challenge,” my wife guessed.

She might be right. “My feature-writing book was not approved by my boss. Training demand, in other way, being stagnant this year. I think, you are right. I need new challenges.”

“So, do you have a new resolution for this coming year?”

“Not yet. But soon. I believe, I must be optimistic.”

Later, we hug for a moment.