Medan Archdiocese Catholic Center

Medan Archdiocese Catholic Center (or is popularly known as CC KAM) is a 9-floor building situated at Medan, North Sumatra province – Indonesia. Each floor is designed for multi-function  purpose which support the church needs or activities, former director, Fr. Adytia Perangin angin O. Carm said, as it was inaugurated on 30th September 2015 by Medan Bishop, Mgr. Anicetus Sinaga OFM Cap and North Sumatra Governor, Tengku Erry Nuradi.

Fr. Adytia, as quoted by, said that CC KAM is the biggest Catholic Center in Indonesia. “(For management system) we adopted Bangkok Catholic Center,” he added.

The central pastoral site is built following papal visit of Pope John Paul II to Medan on 13th October 1989. Previously, Menjemaat magazine quoted the CC KAM construction committee chairman, Fr. Paulinus Simbolon OFM Cap that excess budget for the papal visit was used for the building project.

“The idea of CC KAM construction was proposed after the pope visit Medan, then. ” said Fr. Paulinus on the laying of first stone of the CC KAM construction, on 2nd September 2007, by (at that moment) Medan Bishop Mgr. Alfred Gonti Pius Datubara OFM Cap.

Mgr. Anicetus cited, the pope — who is recently declared as saint — expected the archdiocese would have a Catholic Center. “The great spirit and faith encourage the dream come true during construction for seven years. And now CC KAM becomes the new icon of this city,” said Bishop, as quoted by local media

Governor Erry Nuradi appreciates CC KAM as the symbol of religious harmony in the province.

Mgr Anicetus and Governor Erry Nuradi during inauguration of the CC KAM (Copyright: Komisi Komsos KAM)